If I could wish for one thing, it would be for my kids to not inherit my anxious spirit. My personality is textbook type-A. This comes with a lot of productivity, but it also comes with a heart that is rarely at peace.

Then God gives me two little people, a love for each that is so deep it hurts, and what do you know, my anxiety does the opposite of disappear. I can rarely pinpoint what it is I am even anxious about, but it always has to do with the un-experienced…some hardship in the future that I am expecting to go through.

I have lived a life with little tragedy, heart ache, and struggle. You’d think I would be filled with joy, but instead I feel as if I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tragedy strikes everyone right? When is it my turn? This constant state of waiting for the worst is not just exhausting, it prevents me from being present. And being present, focusing on the true…this is the cure for an anxious heart.

So not just everyday, but minute by minute, I have a choice. And when my anxious mind wanders, I draw it back to what is true. What is present. What is now.

So why share this? Well, I know I am not alone. And if you don’t, to feel alone in this is an awful burden to bear. So if you struggle with anxiety, if you tend to focus more on the future than on the now, draw yourself back to what is true. It is a constant battle, but it is one that is worth fighting. Because showing our children that anxiety is okay is one thing, showing them how to focus on the present truth to overcome it is another.

Know you are so loved…now go hug your babies.

Bee changed and change the world.