Behind the scenes: Criminally cute baby shoot

Celebrity Sighting

We love seeing our Bee Loved blanket cuddled up with At Home with the Zierings & Millennial Mamas Founder Erin Ziering and her sweet girl, Penna!



“I am in love with this diaper and this company. Words can not express the amount of joy that filled my heart when I learned about The Little Bee Company and their company mission.” -Toni, TN

“I am a huge fan of the front elastic because I feel like I can get a perfect fit that will block all leaks and not squeeze the life out of him!” -Heather, IN

“This has actually become my go to night time diaper.” -Christina, IL

“The outer PUL lining is the softest I’ve ever felt and that softness holds up on even after line drying.” -Amie, VA