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Once enough items are collected for each child of one entire orphanage/facility/foster setting, a “Drop” is organized to deliver these items and help in assisting caregivers with the education and support necessary. Currently, our donations are running annually.


We are so thankful for the opportunity to provide essential items to vulnerable families & children around the world through collaborations with like minded organizations. Over the years we have been blessed to work alongside major companies and organizations such as Johnson’s Baby Cares as well as CBS studios in collaboration with the Jewish family services of LA. 

Our partnerships have taken us around the globe and right in our own backyard. It is our goal to continue our mission to serve children in need through the gift of proper cloth diapering solutions and a little extra love.


Get & Give Diaper Drops

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The Buzz

“I direct an AIDS program for women and children in Roatan Honduras, the most violent country in the world and one of the poorest. The most wonderful thing happened in our office this morning . {They}… brought our women BEAUTIFUL diapers.These were soft, beautifully designed absorbent wonderful diapers. Did they bring just 10 or 20 diapers? No these women brought enough for all the babies in our program right now..300 diapers!! Not only that but they filled our formula shelves.! What amazing women and what an amazing company that gives a diaper to third world countries for every diaper sold in the States! We are so grateful!” -Valerie Nelson

“We began distributing diapers to the mother and they love them! One mother cried as she thanked us. We have also been able to do some teaching on hygiene. These diapers will make their lives easier! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” -Kayla Adamson

“Today our bleak world was made a little brighter. A project in Honduras was visited and blessed with your aid. Moms who daily struggle were reminded that they were not alone. Formula was added to the shelves and because of it, babies will live. Thank you for your caring…you make the world a better place…one baby at a time.” -Fred, The Morgan Jayne Project

“In December 2010, I traveled with Visiting Orphans to Uganda for the first time and fell in love with the land and the people. The children have more joy and faith than any child I have ever seen. It humbled me to the core and began the growth of my love for the orphan. Many Ugandan’s live day-to-day simply on prayer, nothing else. Time and time again I encountered brand new babies not wearing any diapers. Sometimes they were just nude, other times they had a piece of soiled, dirty cloth tied on. I asked some of the mothers and they said that they usually only are able to change their diaper once a day due to the lack of supplies. Can you imagine how nasty that diaper would be? Oftentimes, I could hardly hold a child because the stench was so horrible, but held him or her because love is what the child needed more than anything. Other times, I would ask the mother if I could bathe the child quickly and found one of my t-shirts to use as a makeshift diaper. Since December, I have been blessed to travel to Uganda two more times and encountered the same issues in the villages. The lack of sanitation is awful in Uganda and I truly feel the children are suffering because of it.” ~Brooke, Senior at Illinois State University

“Thank YOU so so SOOOO much for the diapers!!! I cannot even tell you how thankful I am that the babies have those. Our diapers were in pretty poor repair….and it is very nice to pick up those sweet babies without worrying about getting soaked!” ~Jacqueline Kramlich, SHC

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