Bee Changed and Change the World Every diaper purchased provides a diaper to a child in need.

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For general care inquiries please check out our Cloth 101 or FAQ section of the website including: Getting Started With Cloth, Why Cloth & Cloth Diaper Care. Many questions you have may be answered there. We will respond to emails as quickly as we are able. You are important to us and we appreciate your support of our mission!

For general inquiries contact: [email protected]

For questions regarding fit and care including returns/exchanges contact: [email protected]

For International Ordering contact: [email protected]

Emails sent between Monday 5pm-Friday 5pm will be responded to by Saturday

Emails sent between Friday 5pm-Monday 5pm will be responded to by Tuesday

To inquire about becoming a recipient of a Diaper Drop Donation, please fill out the Future Drop Form at the bottom of the Diaper Drop section of our site.